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October 31, 2017







To all our community:  We invite you to not lower your guard in the matter of prevention, in order to have a better control of viral diseases, which increase during this season.


The Infirmary department will continue with the monitoring of cases and actions will be taken depending on the level of the contingency.

The school has maintained preventive measures, such as the permanent cleaning and disinfection of the campus, as well as the supply of antibacterial gel in classrooms and offices. Daily preventive measures are reinforced in order to avoid the spread of viruses.


General recommendations:


Healthy diet
Daily bath
Clean and short fingernails
Frequent hand washing or use antibacterial gel
Avoid touching the face (eyes, mouth, nose)
No sharing personal items (food, utensils, beverages)
When sneezing or coughing use a tissue or do so on the elbow’s inner corner
Avoid greeting with a kiss or handshake 
Monitor if someone has respiratory symptoms or digestive diseases. If so, refer him/her to the doctor.


If your child presents: fever, cough and headache accompanied by one or more symptoms  mentioned below, do not send him/her to classes, go to your doctor and report it to the Infirmary.


Runny nose and nasal congestion
Joint and muscular pain
Sore throat
Stomach pain


The student can be incorporated into normal activities after 24 hours without fever and without taking medicine to lower it. Siblings who are not sick can attend school.


We will be glad to clarify any doubts.


Infirmary department



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